NyGal – PA11/PA12 Nylon Coated Bundy Tubes/Pipes

Nylon coating for Bundy tubes are required by many automakers, so the tubes with nylon coating is also called NyGAL coated brake lines..

It is defined as zinc-aluminum alloy named Galfan, with min coating thickness 3 micrometer, i.e. 50 g/m2 per ASTM A875, followed by a topcoat of Nylon 11 or 12.

Appearance: The topcoat shall be uniform in color and free from discontinuities such as flow lines, pin holes, craters, or abnormal roughness. The topcoat shall be black in color unless otherwise specified on the engineering drawing

Film Thickness: The Nylon PA11 or PA12 topcoat shall have a min thickness of 150 μm, average thickness 170 μm.

Salt Spray Testing : The tubing shall show no base metal corrosion extending more than 1 mm from gravel impacted area after 2000 hr. Non gravel impacted areas shall be free from rust after 2000 hr.

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