What Should Be Known About Shipping 6 Meter Bundy Tubes

Engineered Industries can supply Bundy tubes of any required lenth for straight cut tubes. The tube is originally in coil form after the production, and remain the coil form in inventory.

When the tube is requested to be straight cut, decoilers are used to automatically straighten the tube and cut it in certain length, from 10mm to the toal coil length.

Many times orders are placed to make it 6 meter length which results extra costs for both us and the client.

When the tubes are packed, the final package length would exceed 6 meter, which is already too long for a standard and the most popular 20GP container. The overlength package won’t fit in the common 20GP container, and needs larger containers. The result is that often it needs some time to be arranged in a larger container which is less frequently used.

Thus, the delivery time is prolonged and extra charges apply to handle the overlength package at both the depature and destination port. Meanwhile, the land transport costs increases at both buyer’s and supplier’s end due to the extra length.

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