Reliable Tubes That Serve The Industrial Fluid Systems

Bundy Tube

  • 20 Year Experience of Fabricating The Bundy Tubes
  • Widely Used for OEM Automotive Brake Lines/Power Steering Lines/Cooler Lines
  • Full Range of All Available Surface Coatings
  • Full Specification Manufacture Capability
  • Custom Size Fabrication Capability
  • Regular Stock & Flexible MOQ & Quick Delivery
Bundy Welding

Fast Response & Free Samples!

Quick Delivery by Ocean & Airway Cargo & Airway Express

We respond to your inquiries fast, and delivery your ordered tubes quickly and on time thanks to our large quantity of regular stock. We are glad to offer free samples for you to inspect and make sure out tubes meets your requirements. Don’t worry and we will help if postage collected shipping is a problem there for you.

Tubes can be made with various surface finishes for corrosion protection of different environments.


Outside / Outside+Inside Finishes


Galvanize / Galfan Outside


Outside Finish


Outside Finish


Galfan+ Aluminum Rich Epoxy Outside Finish


Outside / Inside Finish