Tube Tech

Technologies related to the automotive tubing and tubes for air conditioning and refrigeration.

Bundy Tube Burst Pressure Calculation Adopting Faupel Formula

This article introduces the theoretical calculation of Bundy tube burst pressure, based on Faupel Formula (burst pressure calculation for cylindrical container), and material properties shall be chosen in its respective material standards. The method can also be applies to most metal tube/pipe burst pressure calculations. Input Parameters D0, outside diameter of tube/pipe, in mm. t, thickness of […]

How to Tell Double Wall Bundy Tubes from Single Wall Bundy Tubes

Many buyers are confused by names of the double wall and single wall Bundy tubes. Once a while one of our client who needed double wall Bundy tube, but the tubes he purchased from somewhere else were actually single wall tubes coated with copper both inside and outside. Buyers of Bundy tubes should firstly clearly […]

Application of Bundy Tubes in Car Steering System

The steering system of passenger cars includes steering booster, power steering pump, oil sump, and connecting tubes. Before the adoption of Bundy tubes, cold drawn steel tubes of Φ12×1 are used to connect the components. The allowable pressure of the fluid is 10MPa. The higher volume of the inside surface residue must be eliminated by […]

A Discussion About Application of Double Wall Brazed Steel Tubing in Air Conditioning

1. Future of Air Conditioning After decades of opening policy and striving of Chinese AC (air condition) manufacturers, China has been recognized as the center of AC industry. The total yield of air conditioners of China in 2011 reached 139 million sets according to reports, about 80% of the global production. Meanwhile, the demand increase […]

How Are Brake Lines Made – Steel Tubing

Brake line is used for automobiles to transfer hydraulic pressure to the brake pads from cylinders. Usually brake system is designed to maintain a low or medium pressure, and the typical steel brake line tube called Bundy tube is used widely in the world. Bundy tube is named by the name of whoever invented a […]