Bundy Tube Burst Pressure Calculation Adopting Faupel Formula

This article introduces the theoretical calculation of Bundy tube burst pressure, based on Faupel Formula (burst pressure calculation for cylindrical container), and material properties shall be chosen in its respective material standards.

The method can also be applies to most metal tube/pipe burst pressure calculations.

Input Parameters

D0, outside diameter of tube/pipe, in mm.

t, thickness of tube/pipe, in mm.

σs, yield strength of tube/pipe, in MPa.

σb, tensile strength of tube/pipe, in MPa.


1. Ratio of outside diameter to the inside diameter of the tube/pipe


2. Burst Pressure of tube/pipe, in MPa

Pb = (2/√3)*σs*(2-σsb)*lnK

Optional Method

For thin wall tube/pipe that has K less than 1.1, burst pressure could also adopt a simplified formula, using the mean diameter D.

D = D0-t/2
Pb = 2σbt/D

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