Copper Plated Steel Strips for Bundy Tube Production

Engineered Industries supplies the copper plated steel strips for Bundy tube (brazed steel tube). The strips are supplied according to the universal requirements of this field and is applicable to all the continuous Bundy tube production lines.

Regular Sizes (Thickness) of the Steel Strips

  • 0.25mm Strip for 0.5mm tube wall
  • 0.35mm Strip for 0.7mm tube wall
  • 0.5mm Strip for 1mm tube wall

Material Properties of the Steel Strips for Bundy Tube

Grade: BHG2 or equivalent

Standard (max, %)
Extremely low carbon steel is available as well for higher-elongation applications.

Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile: 270MPa or above
  • Yield: 180 MPa or above
  • Elongaton:
    • 0.25mm: 32%
    • 0.35mm: 34%
    • 0.5mm: 36%

Surface Roughness: 0.4-1.6 um, mean.

The production of the Bundy pipes starts from a copper plated (coated) steel strip, which has copper plating on both sides to act as a solder to form the double wall structure of the Bundy tube by brazing process in high temperature.

The copper plated steel strips are slit from a wide steel sheet coil which is plated with copper on both sides.

By the slitting process, the narrow sheet is split into narrow strips of certain width. The width depends on the tube OD that is to be made. For example, for tube OD 6mm, the circle length of the tube is around 18.8mm, and the width of the strip needed to form a double wall tube is also doubled, that is 37.6mm. However, the actual width is slightly less according to the production line parameters.

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