Zinc Plated (Galvanized) Bundy Tubes (Bundy Pipes)

Galvanized (Zinc plated) Bundy tubes are used a lot in automotive and ACR industry, with advantages such as better duration before rust, being economic to replace copper tubes in some sections of the systems, and higher allowable working pressure and burst pressure.

The zinc plating for Bundy tubes can be finished with different corrosion protection performances, followed by chromium passivation (chromate treatment), with no hexavalent chromium used.

The following table shows the data of the performance.

Zinc Thickness, μm minPassivationNSS* Test, hr min
White RustRed Rust
8White/Light BlueNA96
8Dark/Olive Green
13White/Light BlueNA144
13Dark/Olive Green
25White/Light BlueNA240
25Dark/Olive Green

* Neutral Salt Spray

Dark Green Zinc Plated Bundy Tube
Dark Green Zinc Plated Bundy Tube
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