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ASTM A254 7×0.7mm Bundy Welded (Brazed) Steel Pipe OD 7mm Wall 0.7mm

Now have plenty of stock of 7×0.7mm Bundy tubes, with copper coated both inside and outside. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get an quote! Product: copper brazed steel tube, double wall, Bundy welded; OD: 7mm; Wall: 0.7mm, 0.028″; MFG method: copper brazed (Bundy welded), followed by cold drawing and re-annealing; Mechanical properties: following […]

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OD 1/4 inch 6.35mm Copper Brazed Steel Tubing Airshipped

A pallet of copper brazed steel tubing OD 1/4 inch was shipped by air to the client for urgent need. Tubes are packed in continuous coils, wrapped by plastic film, bundled by woven strips, and fixed on a steel pallet. The steel pallet is strong yet light (only 7 kilograms). That saves a lot of […]


IS8119 Class I Copper Brazed Steel Tubing 12.7x1mm Shipped to India

Tubes of 12.7x1mm were shipped from our local factory, cut in 5.8 meter length, packed in steel case, by heavy trucks to Shanghai. The tubes were made to Indian standard of copper brazed steel tubing IS8119 Class I, double wall structure. They shall be used further to manufacture tube parts for railway hydraulic systems. Tubes […]


1/8″ 3.17mm OD Copper Brazed Double Wall Capillary Steel Tube

Tube Type: Double wall brazed MFG: Bundy welding OD: 3.17mm, 1/8″ Wall: 0.7mm, 0.6mm, 0.5mm optional Heat Treatment: Extra annealed to soft condition Typical Mechanical Performance: Tensile 310~350 MPA, yield 210~240MPa, elongation 30~35%. Typical Application: Replacing copper tubes used in ACR compressors Packaging: Rolled in small coils fit in carton box, or cut to straight […]

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