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Double Wall Brazed Steel Tubing Dark/Olive Green Zinc Plated

Tube Type: Double wall, copper brazed Surface Finish: copper inside as original plating, zinc plated outside and treated with dark green (olive green) chromate Tube Size: OD, mm  Wall Thickness, mm  0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1 1.3  Unit Weight (Theoretical), g/m  3.18 33.0 38.2 42.8 47.0  4 43.2 50.3 57.0 63.1  4.76 52.5 61.6 […]

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Zinc Plated Bundy Tubes for Brake Lines Delivered

A trial order of 500 Coils of zinc plated Bundy tubes (brake lines) packed in coils were delivered on 26th November. Tube OD 3/16″, wall 0.028″, rolled to a coil from 25 ft length, packed on pallet and shipped via ocean liner.


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